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Mary Stewart Fortune

was one of the founders of the Benny Russell Park in 2001. Her passion was her three kids and her community. She worked tirelessly to create a space that kids of all ages could enjoy safely. In 2014 Mary Stewart was diagnosed with a brain tumor called Glioblastoma Multiforme and in 2015 she lost her battle to brain cancer. She fought with grace and full faith in God’s plan with no fear in her illness. With her final breaths she held up a thumbs up with confidence she knew exactly where she was going. She has left behind a wonderful legacy full of faith, love for others, and passion for the community. This is going to be the 4th Mary Stewart Fortune Fun Run and we are so excited to see the community show up and support Valley Jo Bryan and the PHS class of 2025. 

Valley Jo Bryan

will be 3 months old this month and during her 9 week check up her pediatrician sent her to Sacred Heart in Pensacola for a STAT ultrasound of her head. A Vascular tumor encompassing the majority of the left side of her brain surrounded by a mass of cysts and intertwined with blood vessels was found. The tumor and cysts were so enlarged that her brain had shifted and the tumor was putting pressure on her skull creating some issues. GOOD NEWS her doctor was able to remove most all of the tumor only described as a “Miracle” surgery!

Sadly, the BAD NEWS is the pathology report came back and she has a very rare and aggressive cancer called Choroid Plexus Carcinoma. Her doctors are in discussion with other doctors all over the US and trying to decide where to send her as well as what type of chemotherapy will be best for this rare cancer. All money given to the Bryan family will go towards her treatment, travel(lodging + gas/flights) , feeding their family of 6 , any associated household bills while Taylor and Joseph are out of town and their 3 other kids are home with caregivers.

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